Evening of Poetry & Improvisation


On the evening of 4th November (Tuesday) you are welcome to come to a poetry reading and improvised music in a beautiful venue we have found on 186 Hackney Road.

Juliana Sokolová is going to read from her book “My house will have a roof” that has been recently published by fra – one of our favourite Czech publishers. Here is a short description from her book: “The poems in Juliana Sokolová’s debut collection are pithy, condensed, concentrated. Concentrated language; the only things that can be said by someone who has been almost silenced by the weight of what they are confronting. Utterances at the very edge of muteness. Juliana Sokolová writes in English and reworks her poems in Slovak; English-Slovak edition.”

Katarína Hrušková is going to be “Breathing Backwards”.

Tom Wheatley is going to improvise on double-bass and Jonatán Pastirčák on cello.

The door will open around 19:30, event is going to start at 8pm and end around 21:30.
The entry is free.